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Warren Spencer, CFE Questioned Handwriting Expert
 LS Spencer and Associates provides forensic handwriting and questioned document services throughout the Midwest, across the country as well as internationally.  Warren Spencer is a certified handwriting expert and questioned document examiner. He is certified through the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of Austin, Texas and the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners. He has often served as a forensic document examiner in the courtroom and has provided handwriting expert services for many individuals as well.  He began his handwriting analysis training in Iowa in 1989. His work as a forensic handwriting expert with LS Spencer and Associates has provided  a wide variety of handwriting analysis casework. Warren offices in Illinois but he often works with clients in surrounding states, Iowa, Wisconsin , Michigan, Indiana as well as other states across the country.
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Warren Spencer, CFDE/CFE, Certified Forensic Document and Fraud Examiner
Forensic handwriting analysis is used to determine " Who wrote it?" or in some cases to  eliminate suspects by answering the question,"Who did not write it?"  Questioned document cases often  involve suspected fraud or forgery and signature verifications. Sometimes a questioned document case may be graffiti on a wall or a threatening note left in a mailbox or on top of a desk. Most forensic cases usually involve a signature, note, letter, contract or some other form of questioned document. LS Spencer and Associates provides handwriting examination services in cases of disputed handwriting  or questioned documents. They are located in the western suburbs of Chicago and provide handwriting examiner services nationwide as well as international.
Our handwriting analysis clients include:
  • Attorneys and legal staff
  • Business Owners and Contractors
  • Individuals
  • Insurance Professionals
  • School Administrators
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Hospital Executives
  • Property Managers
  • Police Detectives
  • Security Professionals
We specialize in all areas of handwriting examination including but not limited to:
  • checks
  • wills
  • deeds
  • suspected forgeries
  • altered documents
  • graffiti
  • anonymous notes
  • contracts
  • suicide notes
  • threat notes
  Typically clients come to us with questions  about handwriting such as:
  • Is this a genuine signature or has it been forged?
  • Has this document been erased or altered in places?
  • Did any of these suspects write this anonymous note?
  • Is this autograph authentic?
  • Is this a genuine historical document? 
  • Is this my signature?
Forensic document examiner Warren Spencer, CFDE/CFE is a court qualified forensic handwriting expert based in the far western suburbs of Illinois. He has testified in civil, juvenile and criminal courts.
Often as a result of Warren's letter of opinion, cases will settle out of court. He has served many times as a handwriting examiner expert witness in the courtroom. If your case does go to court LS Spencer and Associates can demonstrate the evidence for your case effectively and in an easy to understand format.
Warren's certification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners includes coursework in:
  •  criminology and ethics
  • financial transactions and fraudulent schemes
  • legal elements of fraud
  • fraud investigations
See credentials page for further information on training and experience.
If you have questions about a handwriting, document or signature please contact forensic document examiner Warren Spencer.
  Telephone:  630-631-1987
  Fax:         630-513-9277         email: warren_spencer@yahoo.com 
                                Court Qualified Handwriting Examiner
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Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
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